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Based in Tokyo, this site introduces recommended places for day trips and overnight stays.
If you come to Tokyo, I would love you to take a look.
It's not just Tokyo, the surrounding areas also have some great places.
From flower gardens to historical buildings, photogenic sites,
and beautiful nature where you can experience the four seasons.
All the photos displayed here are taken by me at places that I have actually visited.
You may even discover some places which are not in the guidebooks.
All of these places are recommended.

Each photo has a few reference points and pieces of information attached to it.
These can be viewed by clicking on the 「i」button at the bottom right of the photo.
The approximate travel times are based on travel by car.
However, these places can also be reached without a car.
I have also included Google Maps links for directions and train information etc.
There are also links to Instagram hashtag searches and Google image searches with each photo,
so if you would like to find out more about these places, by all means please use the links.
When going to mountains, the sea, or islands, please ensure that you have prepared everything necessary.

I hope you have a fantastic stay in Japan. Enjoy your trip!

About my photos

Unauthorized use of the photograph, and the reproduction without any permission are not accepted.
If any of the information shown on the site is incorrect, or for any other inquiries,
please kindly contact us using the address shown below.