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Recommended plans

Camping in the forest

Beautiful white birch forest and pond, peaceful camp site “Komadeike” is our main destination of the trip. You will enjoy the most in the early morning when the sunrise appears and shine through the trees. ...
Overnight | Nagano | Camping, Nature

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Around Tokyo, where you can enjoy nature

Okutama is close to Tokyo, where you can feel the nature. The area is well known for summer BBQs and playing by the river but it is also nice to visit in other seasons.
Starting with Mt. Ontakesan, pay a visit to Ontake shrine, then hike around the ...
Day trip | Tokyo | Nature

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Have a break from your busy life

Hakone is just an hour away from tokyo. Walk around the lake “Ashinoko” then take a cable car to Mt. Komagatake. Although it is easy to reach the top, walking in a different scenery is a lot more exciting. You can also see the top view of Lake ...
Day trip | Kanagawa | Cafe, Nature

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Beautiful scenery you must see in Saitama

Surrounded by the stone pavement, canyon “Nagatoro” is one of the most popular places to visit in Saitama prefecture. Stone pavements are registered as special natural monuments. You will have a even better view by going down the river. Please ...
Day trip | Saiama | Cafe, Nature

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Spend a quality day in Shonan area

Shonan area is known for summer beaches but you can also enjoy in other seasons.
Have a breakfast at popular pancake place called “Bills” with the ocean view. Walk along the beach for a little then 15 minutes drive to visit “Shonan Tsutaya ...
Day trip | Kanagawa | Cafe, Shop, Nature

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Food paradise, Miura Peninsula

Just 1.5 hours away from Tokyo, “Jogashima” island is located in Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa. There are many kinds of restaurants and fish market. “Maruichi” is a restaurant where you can pick your fish to be cooked from their shop ...
Day trip | Kanagawa | Cafe, Nature

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Enjoy beauty and food in extraordinary spaces

A spacious museum, “Moa Museum of Art” is located in the hills of Atami area. Reopened in 2017, national treasures and important cultural properties are exhibited there. You can take photos inside the museum but be careful not to hit your ...
Day trip | Shizuoka | Cafe, Art

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Spend a day with nature in Chiba

A museum by the lake, a cafe by a rice field and walk along the river. My top recommendation goes to a cafe “Mei cafe”. Relaxing light comes in with the wind, you ...
Day trip | Chiba | Cafe, Art, Nature

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A relaxing day with an ocean view

Hitachi station is designed by one of the famous architect, where you can have a breakfast with a view of twinkling ocean by the morning light. Views from there are just fantastic! After the breakfast, drive to “Hitachi seaside park”. ...
Day trip | Ibaraki | Cafe, Nature

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Spacious view and Art

Refreshing wide space with great architecure and mountains in the background, Hara Museum Arc will give you lots of excitements and relaxing time.
Must-try pumpkin pudding inspired by YAYOI KUSAMA, is only served on ...
Day trip | Gunma | Art, Nature, gourmet

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A trip to find some goods in Mashiko area

Structured by a cafe, goods, apparel and a gallery area, “Starnet” is where I recommend you to visit. Even if you don’t have enough time, I would like you make sure to visit this place. Renovation of rice storage, “Pejete” is also a popular ...
Day trip | Tochigi | Art, Cafe, Shop

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Museum hopping and watching stars

After a long drive, a cafe in the forest is where you can rest and relax. Museums I recommend you to visit in the area are made of very unique materials and they look beautiful. The last spot, Astronomical observatory is where you can watch ...
Day trip | Tochigi | Art

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